Why Use Our Mechanic Shop Lift?

Are you looking for a mechanic shop lift that is a step above the rest? Then the Quakermayd Lift is your solution. Created in 1959 by the welder and mechanic Harvey Sterner, our unique compact lift combines the best of both worlds to create a lift that can be used in various industries. Over the past five decades, the Quakermayd Lift has found its way into Harley Davidson service centers, golf cart courses, and mechanic shops across the country. If you are looking for a lifting mechanism that can help you with ATVs, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, waverunners, and more, the Quakermayd Lift is for you. Get a free quote on your new mechanic shop lift when you reach out to our team today!

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What Makes Our Compact Lift Unique

So what helps to make our compact lift so unique? We are so glad you asked! Below is a list of what makes our mechanic shop lifts better than our competitors:

It takes up absolutely no space in your garage. This can maximize your square footage and allow you to store inventory overnight directly on top of the lift.

  • It Rotates 360 degrees. This allows the equipment you are working on to always be next to your tools.
  • Because this lift is flush to the ground, one person can easily roll equipment onto it themselves. No ramps or fork trucks necessary!
  • Can be used to unload trucks
  • 48”x60”x1/2 inch steel plate is the standard
  • 5x7x1/2 inch plate easily accommodates triplexes, zero turns, and maintenance carts
  • Has been proven to seriously reduce back fatigue for mechanics and hobbyists
  • 100% customer satisfaction


As you can see, there is no lift with the capabilities of our Quakermayd Lift. Shop yours at our Quakertown, PA location today!

Don’t believe us? Check out the testimonials from satisfied clients who love their Quakermayd Lift.

Use Our Lifting Mechanism For Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers, & More

At Quakermayd Lift, we make it our priority to create lifting mechanisms that can be used for both mechanics and hobbyists alike. Use our mechanic shop lift for the following heavy-duty equipment:

Our compact lifts are very easy to install and require hardly any maintenance, so you can dedicate your time to repairing equipment and not updating your lift. Add so much value to your mechanic shop with our easy-to-use lifting mechanism. Claim a free estimate on your Quakermayd Lift when you fill out an online form today!

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As you can see, the Quakermayd Lift was created to help mechanics and welders repair and fix heavy-duty equipment. This mechanic shop lift rotates 360 degrees and takes up no space in your garage, so there is really no good reason not to invest in a Quakermayd Lift! Because this lift was created by a welder and mechanic, nothing is overlooked when it comes to making your shop life easier. Call our qualified team today to learn more, or stop by our location to shop our compact lifts in person!  We look forward to improving your equipment repair experience!