DIY Shop Lift Installation For Your Quakermayd Lift

The Quakermayd Lift was created by a mechanic and welder to help eliminate mechanic’s fatigue and allow you to focus on repairing and fixing your equipment. In addition to making this lift easy to use, we also want to make your shop lift installation process fast and efficient. This page was created to help properly instruct clients on their garage lift installations. See the instructions below to get started!

Easy To Follow Garage Lift Installation Instructions

The following procedures and steps for your garage lift installation are for the 4” and 5” Quakermayd Lifts. These steps will work regardless if you are installing this heavy-duty lift to work on golf carts, ATVs, lawn equipment, or more.

  1. Dig a hole approximately 18” in diameter, 63” deep for a 4” cylinder, and 70” deep for a cylinder.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of 2”x 4” lumber about 24” long to reach across the hole in the floor and then drill a 3/8” hole in the center of length and ¾” from the edge. Remove any 2 bolts in gland directly across from each other. Bolt the 2 x 4’s onto the cylinders with two 3/8” bolts and flat washers ( 8” long bolts for a 4” cylinder and 10” long bolts for a 5” cylinder). This helps to hold the cylinders upright to measure for piping.
  3. Insert the cylinder in the hole, making sure that the top of the ram is at least 1” below floor level.
  4. Position tank where necessary and connect air valve, oil valve, and piping from tank to cylinder using ¾” galvanized pipe. Make the final connection using union when applicable. Oil may now be put into the tank.
  5. Make sure that the oil valve is closed and the handle is perpendicular to the valve body. Apply air pressure to the lift and raise the cylinder slowly with the oil valve to the end of the stroke and make sure it is plumb. Close the oil valve.
  6. Remove the bleeder screw on top of the cylinder and install 1/8” bleeder pipe and valve assembly, making sure the valve is closed. With the oil valve at the tank closed, fill the tank with air and open the valve slowly. Place a container under the bleeder valve and open slowly, letting air escape, until oil starts flowing and steady steam is noticed. Then close the bleeder valve and the oil valve. Exert side pressure on the cylinder so it won’t go down while removing bleeder pipe assembly and replace bleeder screw. The oil value may now be opened when letting the cylinder go down. Some weight may be required.
  7. Put about 8” of fairly stiff concrete in the bottom of the hole, making sure it gets under the cylinder.
  8. Fill the remainder of the hole with ½ or ¾” stone to about 20” from the top of the floor.
  9. Cut a piece of paper tube about 16” in diameter and about 20” long for a form used at the top of the hole. ( Empty oil bucket may be used if the bottom is cut out).
  10. Place this form around the cylinder ( a piece of 1” pipe may be placed in form for a dram) and fill the inside with concrete to about 3” from the bottom of the gland making sure the tube or barrel is centered around the cylinder. Fill the remainder of the hole on the outside of the barrel to meet floor level and also fill the trench covering the pipe to the oil tank. Make sure to clean any excess concrete off the cylinder before it hardens.
  11. After about 48 hours, install a plate on top of the cylinder and set screws firmly in place. The Quakermayd Lift is now ready for use. If the cylinder seems slower or it is raising too slowly, loosen the cap screws about ½ to ¾ of a turn. Then tighten the Allen head screws. If leakage occurs, reverse the procedure in about ½ turn increments.

Feel free to call or contact us at any time during your shop lift installation, and we are happy to help!

Call Today To Get Help For Your Automotive Lift Installation!

As you can see, our automotive lift installation process is fast and effective. We purposely created the Quakermayd Lift so that it would be easy to install for all mechanics, shop owners, and even hobbyists. Once the concrete is dry, you only have to wait 48 hours to start using your new mechanical lift. And, because our lift is so low-maintenance, you can spend your time on the things that really matter like repairing your equipment. If you are looking for an equipment lift to help you repair and restore things like lawnmowers, wave runners, snowmobiles, and more, the Quakermayd Lift is for you. Reach out to us today for any questions or help with your automotive lift installation!