Mechanical ATV Lift For Off-Roading Vehicles


For ATVs and UTVs alike, the Quakermayd Lift is the only lift you’ll ever want again! Whether you’re a licensed mechanic or a hobbyist with riding toys, our ATV lift makes repairing, maintaining, and enjoying your vehicles all the better. 


Designed in 1959 by Harvey Sterner, a mechanic, and welder, the Quakermayd Lift excels in reducing mechanic fatigue and addressing common pain points. Its 360-degree rotation and equipment that is flush to the ground make it the preferred choice for working in a small space. For a long-lasting ATV lift for sale that is easy to install and great to use, consider the Quakermayd Lift. Our team is ready to answer any of your questions and help get you on board. Call now to get started, or keep reading to learn more! 

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Easy to Install UTV Garage Lift

When using a Quakermayd Lift as a UTV garage lift, you’ll be able to repair and maintain your vehicles with no limitations! Whether it’s for yourself or for your business, you’ll love the ease of installation the Quakermayd Lift provides. Our patented UTV garage lift was originally created by a mechanic and welder, so it’s been designed specifically to solve problems most mechanics experience. In just a few easy steps, you’ll have a highly durable lift that will serve you for years to come! Once it’s installed, ongoing lift maintenance is extremely limited – so you’ll have more time to work on your vehicle and less time tending to your equipment.

If you have any questions regarding this product or its installation, please feel free to contact our support team – we’re standing by and ready to help! 

Trustworthy ATV Jack for Bucks County 

Quakermayd Lift prides itself on providing a one-of-a-kind ATV jack that can help mechanics complete their jobs quicker and easier. Although it has a highly intentional design catering to mechanics and welders, it’s easy for anyone to use. Our customers reported some of their favorite aspects about our ATV jack are as followed:

  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Requires minimal space in the garage
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty
  • UTV lift is flush to the ground
  • & So much more!

Ready to experience the benefits of Quakermayd firsthand? Then it’s time to contact our team! We’ll help you purchase and schedule your ATV jack delivery at a time that works best for you. 

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While the Quakermayd Lift is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, ATVs and UTVs are some of the ones most commonly worked on with this lift. With an ATV lift for sale from Quakertown, PA, we’re confident you won’t find anything else like it on the market. Over the last 50 years, it’s been in use; it has found its way into a variety of industries such as sports, automotive, and recreation. Its popularity nationwide continues to grow, and we have seen much positive feedback from our customers!


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