Follow These Equipment Lift Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Quakermayd Lift in Great Shape!

At Quakermayd Lift, we make all our equipment lift maintenance easy for you to do yourself. Because you can use our lift for so many pieces of equipment, it is important to be maintaining it regularly. That way, you can continue to use our lifts for years to come without any difficulties. A huge selling point for our Quakermayd lifts is that they require hardly any maintenance or hydraulic lift repairs. Learn more about what you need to do for your equipment lift maintenance with our preventative steps below!

  1. Be sure the piston packing gland (brass part of top of Cylinder) is not too tight. It should not bind. If too tight, loosen six cap screws one half turn; tighten allen screws.
  2. Put oil on piston ram occasionally.
  3. If platform raises jerky or erratically it is probably due to air in system. Make sure the oil tank is 3/4 full of oil (when lift is down). Raise and lower with a load on lift a few times. This should take care of it. If not, bleed system.
  4. If leakage appears, loosen three allen screws one half turn and tighten cap screws same amount. If leakage docs not stop repeat procedure until leakage stops. Be sure to tighten all screws evenly.
  5. If leakage cannot be stopped by above method in top gland, replace the packing. Use only original equipment. When repacking cylinder raise lift all the way up, remove plate, lower lift all the way down, push ram down if necessary. When all the way down, lock oil valve in open position. Remove all six cap screws in gland. Remove gland by inserting an appropriate tool under packing gland. After doing this, remove packing with a small screwdriver; all six pieces on older lifts (before 1980.)
  6. (After 1980) remove three pieces of packing.
  7. Replace new packing one at a time being careful not to damage packing, making sure that the inner and outer lips are tucked in nicely and not bent over, Otherwise, leakage will occur.
  8. Replace packing gland. Tighten six cap screws evenly until snug, (do not tighten allen head screws at this time), raise lift and replace plate. If no leakage occurs, tighten three allen screws. If leakage occurs, tighten six cap screws until leakage stops. Then tighten three allen screws.

Hydraulic Lift Repairs You Can Complete Yourself

As you can see, the hydraulic lift repair required by our experts at Quakermayd Lift can be completed easily in your own auto shop. No need to call our team to come out and help! It is our goal to give you tips for your equipment lift maintenance so that the only equipment you are repairing are the ones brought into your shop. If you have any questions about our hydraulic lift repair or have a serious issue with our Quakermayd Lift, call today to get in touch with one of our representatives!